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The Preaching page is available only to Deluxe subscribers who also have a Preaching add-on subscription. To enable this content, or to upgrade your subscription in any other way, go to My Account in the top right area of the screen. Under Subscription Information, click the “change your subscription” link.

preaching page and crafting the sermon

Preaching content is provided for the lectionary day shown in the Lectionary Banner. Use the calendar on the left to change the lectionary day. Citations for the day’s readings are provided; clicking on a citation produces a preview window in which the reading’s full text appears.

There are four content tabs on the Preaching page. The tab whose content is currently being displayed is green, and circular, blue toggles allow you to expand and collapse sections of content. To download a tab’s content, click the “Download this content” link just underneath the tabs (you don’t need to expand all of the content sections first).

Crafting the Sermon, shown above, is pre-selected upon arrival at the Preaching page. It includes essays from the Sundays and Seasons: Preaching print resource, as well as the Introduction to the Day.

Lectionary Notes provides Day Resources content that pertains most directly to the day’s lectionary readings.

preaching page lectionary notes tab

Ideas for the Day provides Day Resources content that is designed to help enrich the entire worship service. It also includes a list of the week’s commemorations.

preaching page ideas for the day tab

New Proclamation provides content from three volumes of the New Proclamation series of lectionary commentaries.

preaching page new proclamation tab


Once again, the Preaching page is available only to Deluxe subscribers who also have a Preaching add-on subscription. To enable this content on your subscription, go to My Account. Under Subscription Information, click the “change your subscription” link.

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