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Terms of Use, Privacy, and Disclaimer

Terms of Use sundaysandseasons.com – Augsburg Fortress Liturgies License Agreement Thank you for becoming a subscriber to sundaysandseasons.com. Your subscription includes an Annual License to use and reproduce sundaysandseasons.com liturgical materials and designated artwork for your congregation. Please retain the following important information for your records. If you already own . . . Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for using sundaysandseasons.com? Operating system: Windows XP or higher (Windows 7+ and IE 10+ preferred for a better experience) Mac OS X 10.4 or higher Browsers: IE 9 or higher Firefox 28 or higher Safari 6 or higher Google Chrome 32 or higher When I . . . Read more

Day Texts and Day Resources

Day Texts are the introduction, lectionary readings, and worship texts (Prayer of the Day, Gospel Acclamation, etc.) for a given lectionary day, while Day Resources are ideas and short essays to help you interpret the day’s readings and plan and enrich a worship service. Under Day Texts, the Home page displays the introduction to . . . Read more

Definitions, Tips, and Tricks

Help overlays The first time you log in to sundaysandseasons.com, overlays on all the primary pages point out important features. Each overlay has a close button, but you can click anywhere on the screen and the overlay will vanish. If you want to see these overlays again, click on the small question mark . . . Read more

Header Menu

Clicking the sundaysandseasons.com logo will take you to the Home page no matter where you are on the site. Along the upper row of tabs, My Account will help you manage your subscription, profile, and personal settings; Help will open this Help site in a new tab of your browser; and Log Out will end your sundaysandseasons.com session. . . . Read more

Lectionary Banner

This powerful tool is at the top of the Home, Music, Preaching, and Visuals pages. After you log in, it will display the next future lectionary day (certain Lesser Festivals are skipped) until you change to another one (which can be a day in the past). The calendar on the left controls . . . Read more