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Planner Step Two: The Prelude Music Planner

Step Two is the heart of the planning process, where you truly make the plan “your own.” As such, this sundaysandseasons.com page is rich in functionality, and taking the time to learn everything it can do is well worth the effort. We’ve divided it into four help pages. This one shows you how to edit your plan in both sundaysandseasons.com and the Prelude Music Planner. The others show you tools that affect your plan as a whole, how to customize individual service elements, and how to add new elements to your plan.

If you have a Deluxe sundaysandseasons.com subscription and a subscription to the Prelude Music Planner, you can create and edit a plan on either site, using its particular focus and content, and then continue the process on the other site, moving back and forth between the two as necessary. (An important caveat to this is that to create a plan using a template, you must start in sundaysandseasons.com.) You can upgrade to a Deluxe sundaysandseasons.com subscription here and subscribe to Prelude here.

edit in prelude button

To help reduce the amount of scrolling you have to do, the “Edit in Prelude” button appears at the top and bottom of the page. When you click it and are logged in to Prelude, your plan will appear in Prelude’s Planner.

plan with sundays and seasons elements open in prelude

Elements that are editable in Prelude appear in blue. Elements that are editable only in sundaysandseasons.com are in green, listed by title, with the sundaysandseasons.com leaf logo in the “Listed In” bar.

new element added in prelude

You can use Prelude’s planning tools to add new elements to your plan.

prelude element handle

While you can’t edit sundaysandseasons.com-only elements (i.e., the elements that appear in green) in Prelude, you can change their position in the plan, just as you can for elements that are editable in Prelude. Hovering over an element will cause the move element “handle” to appear on the left side of the element. Move your cursor to the handle, at which point the normal cursor will change to a vertical arrow. As you click and hold, drag the element through the plan to wherever you’d like it.

You can move back to sundaysandseasons.com by clicking the “edit in sundays and seasons” button at the top of the plan. If you create a plan in Prelude, it won’t be associated with a base liturgy, so clicking the “edit in sundays and seasons” button will take you to Step One of the Planner, Select a Base Litury. If the plan is already associated with a base liturgy, you’ll go straight to Step Two.

prelude element in sundays and seasons

When you add an element to a plan in Prelude and open the plan in sundaysandseasons.com, the element will have a Prelude logo on the right instead of a magnifying glass icon. You can’t cut the element or replace it with another one (unless you return to Prelude to edit the plan), but you can move it to another spot in the plan and insert a new element beneath it.

Planner Step Two: The Plan as a Whole
Planner Step Two: Customizing Service Elements
Planner Step Two: Adding New Elements

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