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Planner Step One: Select a Base Liturgy

Think of a base liturgy as a worship service as it appears in a book like Evangelical Lutheran Worship or Libro de Liturgia y Cántico. When you choose a base liturgy, sundaysandseasons.com begins customizing it by adding any available proper texts (prayer of the day, readings, etc.) and moving to the next step, where you will continue the customization.

For most lectionary events, your choice of base liturgy is from over two dozen Holy Communion settings in five hymnals.

choose base liturgy, holy communion

The choice of base liturgy for Ash Wednesday and the major Holy Week services reflects the special nature of these lectionary events.

choose base liturgy, holy week

If you choose Special Service as the basic service type, your choice of base liturgy includes healing, wedding, funeral, and daily prayer services from four hymnals.

choose base liturgy, special service

If, before you choose a base liturgy, you discover that you’ve chosen the wrong calendar date or basic service type, you can go back to the Day View of the Planner Calendar by clicking the “Start Over” button.

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