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The Library houses the textual content and liturgical music graphics from all of the source volumes (Evangelical Lutheran Worship, Libro de Liturgia y Cántico, etc.) in sundaysandseasons.com. These volumes, as well as a few other categories like Children’s Bulletins, are the main branches of the Library’s content “tree.” To the left is the “Search the Library” box. You can find content via either of these parts of the Library.

The Content Tree

To “open” a volume, click its title or the blue arrow next to it. Depending on the volume, there may be further layers (chapters, sections, etc.). When you reach content, you’ll see tool icons to the right. Hovering over an icon produces a tool tip that gives a brief description of what the icon does. The magnifying glass creates a pop up window where you can preview the content. The inbox icon downloads the content to your computer. The copy-to-clipboard icon puts a copy of the content in your sundaysandseasons.com clipboard; you can copy the content from your clipboard to a worship plan while working in the Planner.

drilling through library hierarchy

Search the Library

Checkboxes in the “Search the Library” box control what kind of content the search finds. Results are provided with excerpts of the content. Your search word(s) are highlighted to help provide context. The tool icons under the result titles serve the same purposes they do in the content tree.

library search results

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