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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for using sundaysandseasons.com?

Operating system:

  • Windows XP or higher (Windows 7+ and IE 10+ preferred for a better experience)
  • Mac OS X 10.4 or higher


  • IE 9 or higher
  • Firefox 28 or higher
  • Safari 6 or higher
  • Google Chrome 32 or higher

When I first visited sundaysandseasons.com, I saw an overlay on each page highlighting key features of each area. How do I see and dismiss these overlays?

The first time you log in to sundaysandseasons.com, overlays on all the primary pages point out important features. Each overlay has a close button, but you can click anywhere on the screen and the overlay will vanish. If you want to see these overlays again, click on the small question mark symbol just to the right of the NRSV Bible tab at the top of the screen.

On the original sundaysandseasons.com, Clip Art was in the Library. Where are these graphics now?

The new sundaysandseasons.com has three libraries: Library, Music, and Visuals. This separates these resources for easier searching, displaying, and downloading. Clip Art, PowerPoint slides, and NRSV Maps are in the Visuals folder.

What’s the difference between Standard and Deluxe subscriptions to sundaysandseasons.com?

A Standard subscription to sundaysandseasons.com gives you access to the Planner, Library, Visuals, Music (downloading music graphics not included), and NRSV Bible areas of the site. Deluxe subscribers can also download music graphics for use in their bulletins and projections (with the proper copyright license, of course). The Preaching Module is available as an add-on subscription to Deluxe subscribers.

How can I add the Preaching Module to my sundaysandseasons.com subscription?

Click the My Account tab near the top of the screen and look for Subscription Information on the first page. Click on the change subscription link. This will take you to our web store, where you can add this module.

How do I use sundaysandseasons.com and Prelude Music Planner together?

If you subscribe to both sundaysandseasons.com and Prelude Music Planner and these subscriptions are under the same customer account, you’ll be able to share worship plans between these two sites. If you subscribe to both but they’re on different accounts, please call our Sales and Service department (1-800-328-4648, M-F, 8:00am-4:30pm CT) to make the necessary changes.

Why doesn’t sundaysandseasons.com produce finished bulletins or projection slides?

Every church has their own style, preferences about paper size, fonts, page breaks, projection backgrounds, and local content. Rather than force churches to adopt a template we design (no matter how lovely it would be), we know that churches would rather that we help them get all of the content they need, and let them continue to create their own bulletins or projections with their own local style.

Why can’t the worship plan downloads have music graphics already in place?

We’d love to do this, but there continue to be technological hurdles that prevent it. Our community of subscribers use different computers, software, and preferences for margins, size of graphics, and page or column breaks. All of this means that we continue to provide a text-only download that provides the filenames to guide putting the right graphic in the right place, but we can’t put the graphics right into that file. Sorry!

Why do we need a license to put hymns in our bulletins when we’ve already bought hymnals?

Hymns are works of art, and the owners of them control how they get used (which is only fair). When you buy a hymnal, a portion of those proceeds go to each hymn writer or composer who still controls their work—but that only covers the use of that book, not making copies. You need a license to make more copies of any copyrighted content, so the creators can continue to be paid for their fine work. Your subscription to sundaysandseasons.com includes an Augsburg Fortress Liturgies License, so you’re fully covered for all of the liturgies and liturgical texts on the site. You can also use the Visuals without further licensing (while you subscribe, and only at your church for free events like worship). Each hymn, however, requires a license that is relevant to that hymn. Check the Details for any hymn to find out who owns it, who administers the copyright, and which license(s) grant permission to print or project that content.

Why do some hymns have no downloadable content?

We ask every hymn owner for permission to make their content downloadable from sundaysandseasons.com, but we have not received that permission from everyone we’ve asked.

I’m really stuck. How can I get more help?

Drop a line to webhelp@augsburgfortress.org. Or fill out our online form here. We’ll respond as soon as we can!